CORA is the healing harmony implemented passionately in every one of a kind, hand crafted garment. 


CORA is a manifestation of the artist:

Corinna Carrara who is a flamboyant crafter and healer.

Native Italian artist incorporating her knowledge and purity of shamanism with harmony

to add a little protection through your journey in life.

Wearing CORA, we hold each other’s hands along the way. 


Each design is uniquely crafted bringing you closer to interact with the cosmic spirit world,

spreading enlightenment and enhancing consciousness. 

CORA incorporates powerful signs from ancient tribes and fabrics from worldwide:

the cloth become a magical tool.

 CORA infiltrates the fluorescent neon accents

as they bring you closer to the spiritual world. 

The collections are influenced by the travels of Corinna, inspired by shamanic cultures from around the world and the Stars. 

Through each artistic creation, CORA incorporates connections between the physical and spiritual worlds, 

creating a modern inter-connected Awakening tribe: the CORA tribe. 


CORA is a "slow fashion" process from dedication and craftsmanship,

with heart and passion:

Hand embroidery, intrinsically paired with unexpected elements of feathers and sequins cohesively together with traditional patchwork and painting delicately mastered with time. 


CORA tribe is a reflection of the shamanic artist Corinna, 

every one of a kind garment is cultivated

to bring harmony to her tribe through her incredibly unique approach to wearable art,

she implements her philosophy.

The CORA logo is inspired by the Star of the Mayan calendar,

It symbolizes transformation. 

Bringing the vibrations of harmony, love and creation. 

CORA channels these transcendental energies.

Each hand painted face has a spirit, deep expression of an awoken human.

We are space walkers, we are a cosmic family.

The mission is to rise up the elevation of the collective vibrations to the 5th dimension.


CORA makes you dance with our connective energy.

We are a lovingly spirited Cosmic Tribe. One Tribe.