Corinna Carrara is the creator of the brand.

CORA is a Cosmic Shamanic artist, Expressing herself through painting.

With ten years of dedication towards her craft she was so inspired following her trip in Mexico,

she began implementing her knowledge,

When after discovering the power of the meaning behind these traditional clothes.

She was captivated, the tribe were wearing clothes to represent them, as a representation uniquely to there character. 
She decided to bring this beautiful indicative power to her designs with her love of painting to clothing

when she returned back to Mexico from New York

where she was receding as an artist, that’s when her production with CORA began.

Strategically placing patches to the energetic centre of the body. Incorporating faces which are magnetic and indicative of CORA

and her philosophical passion to arise the consciousness.

Bringing deep sensation and strength as Space Walkers, Cosmic riders traveling in different dimensions and galaxy’s.

CORA is a universal brand and sold worldwide, currently with her market store at one of Ibiza’s most influential night clubs

know as Heart where like minded artists merge together to share there interesting crafts.

CORA can be customised directly to each individual and with future further developments we are building a community

where you are free to express your Cosmic Art too.